Articles for Lawyers: Lifting the Veil

Forensic Psychiatry and Medicolegal Topics



Understand how dementia and brain disorders can impact thought processes and the associated medical-legal implications.

By Sanjay Adhia, MD

Multiple Plaintiff Cases, Mass Tort, Toxic Tort

Multiple plaintiffs may bring suit involving a single causal event, such as a chemical spill or exposure to a carcinogenic substance. Dr. Adhia discusses two recent cases: a toxic tort, and a serial sexual assault case.

By Sanjay Adhia, MD

What is an IME?

A medico-legal Independent Medical Examination (IME) is different from a clinical exam. It is a structured interview to evaluate an examinee in light of a legal matter. The examinee is usually a plaintiff or defendant.

By Sanjay Adhia, MD

Brain Injuries Explained by a BIM Expert

Dr. Adhia, Board-Certified in Brain Injury Medicine and Forensic Psychiatry, discusses the nature of TBI, concussion, and other mTBI injuries and their medicolegal relevance.

By Sanjay Adhia, MD

Consulting Expert: An Attorney’s Secret Weapon

A non-disclosed expert witness and forensic psychiatrist can be an excellent source of insight and information from the outset.

By Sanjay Adhia, MD

Can a Brain Injury Impact Criminal Behavior?

A crime is committed and a brain injury or disease is suspected: explore medical-legal considerations and mens rea.

By Sanjay Adhia, MD

Date Rape Drugs: Psychiatry, Pharmacology and Law

DFSA is the use of drugs and/or alcohol by a sexual predator to render a victim incapacitated and unable to fight back against a sexual assault. Dr. Adhia discusses the psychopharmacology of these dangerous substances.

By Sanjay Adhia, MD